Let me introduce myself.

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I’m Kristie Becker and I am a life coach and holistic nutritionist.
I guide heart-driven women like you out of the shackles of shoulds and self criticism and into a place of deep self care, connection and belief.

I blend practical tools with intuitive guidance and incorporate my nutrition and natural health training where appropriate, making our work together beautifully holistic.

My mission is to support you to peel back the layers to reconnect to the essence of you and create a rock-solid loving relationship with yourself, because from this place, anything is possible.

Along my own journey, I have learned a few key lessons. I believe:

  • Embracing vulnerability and making friends with fear are key in creating the change we crave.

  • Giving ourselves permission to evolve is crucial to living a life of fulfilment.

  • We must honour our shadow as well as our light. Acknowledging and accepting all parts of ourselves is essential to wholehearted living.

  • In honouring the ebbs and flows. We are conditioned to believe we should function at a consistent level, yet we are cyclical beings in a cyclical environment. It’s OK for things to fluctuate. It’s OK to rest, retreat and recharge sometimes. It’s OK to say no without explanation.

  • Our intuition always knows what to do. Always.

What brings me here?

I spent many years chasing a feeling of belonging; hiding and adapting myself as I thought necessary to feel accepted. I was following shoulds instead of desires, people pleasing instead of purpose and giving all my power away. Sound familiar?

The issue was, I was basing everything in external validation. The concept of self care and self worth was alien to me. I had no idea that what I really needed to do was to turn inwards.

So many of us are living under the pressures of expectations. Expectations we place upon ourselves, expectations we feel from others, expectations from society. It all creates noise that silences our connection to our true selves. The result is disempowerment and disconnection in all areas - mind, body and spirit.

This was certainly true for me and it wasn’t easy to face up to. When I eventually came to the realisation that there was another way to live, a deep desire to truly know myself, stop hiding and place self love at centre stage revealed itself. A desire to live life based on how I want to feel, doing things that light me up rather than deplete me.

It was by no means an overnight awakening for me. It has been a beautiful and ongoing process of learning and transformation. A process that has challenged me and required deep trust and commitment to myself. I continue to peel back layers and give myself permission to evolve every single day. The difference now is that there is no more chasing, no destination, just a simple intention to live with purpose, presence and fluidity.

How has this journey played out in my own life so far? It took me from a corporate career to a whirlwind fun-filled year in Australia, back home to study nutrition and natural health, create my own business and most recently, deepen my learning by training as a life coach.

What I know now is that true belonging comes only from within. Nothing we are truly seeking is outside of us.  

What I also know is that I am enough.
And so are you.
You are more than enough.

How would it feel to truly believe that?

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What I want for you:

It is my intention to help you take inspired action to:

  • Free yourself from expectations, reclaim your personal power and purpose and create a life that feels deeply nourishing on every level.

  • To move beyond fear and self doubt, trust yourself deeply and live in full expression of your own truth.

  • To find joy in the process of uncovering and exploring what’s possible for you.

  • To cultivate the courage to show up fully for yourself and the life you wish to create.

You deserve all of this and more and the good news is, it’s yours for the taking.

Are you ready to claim it?

I’d absolutely love to support you to reconnect with yourself, cultivate wellness from within and bring your bold-hearted visions to life. Read more about how we can work together here.

Professional bio:

  • I am a Life Coach trained by The Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

  • I completed my 3-year diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London.

  • I am committed to lifelong learning and am forever reading, listening and training.

And when I’m not coaching or facilitating workshops you will likely find me:

Deepening my love of yoga, essential oils and Ayurveda, strolling at the beach or amongst the trees, sharing tea and chats with my favourite people, losing myself in wanderlust or cooking/eating/thinking about food.


What else?

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