Riding the Waves of Emotion at Christmas


This time of year can feel strange; so wonderful and magical in so many ways, yet deeply challenging and triggering in others. A closing out of a year and a different pace of life over the festive season opens up space within us that almost forces us into reflection and processing. It can bring up some big feelings, particularly in the form of grief and sadness. Grief for what we’ve lost, for what we don’t have but so desperately desire, for what we wish could be different, for what we are releasing and letting go of willingly or otherwise.

It can be uncomfortable and confusing to experience such polarity with our feelings at this time. Presence, joy and gratitude alongside deep reflection and heaviness. Knowing the importance of making new memories whilst also wanting to hold onto the past. Moments of laughter followed by moments of sadness. It can be challenging to sit with it all, but perhaps that’s exactly what we need to do, allow there to be room for ALL of it.

What I am learning is that we carry many layers and it is important for us to be with and honour each of them when they show up. This time of year offers us the perfect opportunity to do just that. Eat, drink and be merry, allow yourself to feel the joy fully and when the challenges come, perhaps ask yourself…

How can I soften?
How can I create space to just be with this for a moment?
How can I expand my self compassion?

Give yourself permission to feel it all. Then release it, return to your people, prosecco and mountains of chocolate and go on with making those precious new memories. 

If any of this resonates with you, know that you are not alone and know that all of it is completely OK. Lots of festive love to you.