“i felt empowered and supported to go on this new journey”


“Kristie radiates an aura of warmth. If I were to describe our coaching series in three words they would be heartfelt, empowering and empathetic. When we began working together I was in transition from my old job as a software consultant to a new life as a yoga teacher and coach, where I would be completely responsible for myself and the life I wished to create. I wanted to step up and get in control of my time and my own plans and dreams. Kristie is such a lovely person, after our first session I felt that I could totally trust her with all my blocks. She helped to inspire and motivate me in such a loving and caring way, I felt empowered and supported to go on this new journey. By the end of our time together I really grew into my role as the powerful goddess that I wanted to be. Of course I have days where I don’t act upon it as much as I could, but I am not scared anymore. I know that I can do this, embody this, live this life. Because of this shift I was able to bring to life my own podcast, which was a huge dream of mine. And this was just the beginning! I’m stepping up and teaching my first official yoga class in a few days and I’m excited what will come next!”

NOEMI CHRISTOPH | Life Coach & Yoga Teacher (Life coaching)

I've learnt how to put my own self care first.


“Coaching with Kristie was a transformative experience. When we first started working together I was struggling with overcoming tiredness, a few months post surgery I was feeling impatient & frustrated with my low energy levels. This was making me feel low in mood and I lacked inspiration at work and in general. I was frequently getting 'burnt out' and was pushing myself too far, unable to identify and stand up for my own boundaries.

During our sessions I experienced a profound yet natural shift in my outlook, contentment, health and happiness. I saw these benefits in both my personal and working life. Kristie has taught me sustainable and simple ways to maintain a sense of acceptance, balance and joy, and has helped me understand myself better. The best thing about it all is that I was encouraged to find all the solutions myself, which meant I left the process feeling really empowered. I've learnt to define my own boundaries & limitations, which helps prevent getting overwhelmed and depleted. I've identified patterns of 'people pleasing' and how to over come this. I've learnt how to put my own self care first. Throughout the entire series Kristie was always attentive, professional and perceptive, I loved her positivity and supportive cheerleading!”

ISOBEL WEBSTER | Yoga teacher, massage therapist & co-owner of The Space Burston | www.thespaceburston.com (Life coaching)

I am on my way to being my best, grounded, energised, zesty and unapologetic self!

I am honestly surprised at the simplicity and the lack of pressure that was needed to create such fundamental and significant changes. Small tweaks to my thought process and the introduction of manageable new habits have really got the ball rolling towards a more self aware me. I have a little tool kit now that I can call upon to keep me feeling grounded, supported and to gently nudge me in a positive direction. Kristie has made me see that taking care of myself amidst a crazy busy life, is not only ok, but is necessary. I am at the beginning of my journey, but I am so much more aware and responsive to it all than I was. With Kristie's calm and accepting support I am on my way to being my best, grounded, energised, zesty and unapologetic self!

CAROLINE B. (Life coaching)

I feel I am now standing more comfortably and confidently within my business.

My coaching series with Kristie was inspiring and invaluable. She is so friendly and approachable and was always quick to congratulate me on my wins, which I really appreciated. When we first connected I was lacking in direction and doing a lot of procrastinating. I was trying to move my business forward but lacking the confidence to do so. My coaching time with Kristie helped me to focus and do the work I needed to do to move forward. I feel I am now standing more comfortably and confidently within my business. My husband has noticed I am more proactive and happier to share what I do with others. I can’t thank you enough Kristie for your guidance, support and encouragement!

LYNN CARTER | Essential Oils Educator (Life coaching)


“I arrived feeling stressed and left feeling grounded and ready to face anything! What contributed to this? Great yoga, lovely people, amazing food, beautiful smells and inspiring teachers.''

HILARY (workshop/retreat)

''I’d been to a previous Simply Soulful and it felt timely to take a day to focus on self care and reconnection. When life gets full it’s hard to find space for yourself and this day has really helped. The food was fantastic as was the information on essential oils and the yoga practice. It was a perfectly balanced day.''

CAILA (workshop/retreat)